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We do endeavour to have one person in each industry however we do have exceptions to this when a member does not feel there is any conflict.

Sandra James - Sandra James Accounting Services
Sandra James – Sandra James Accounting Services2018-11-09T18:39:36+00:00
Kerry Luke - Harcourts Four Seasons Property Management
Kerry Luke – Harcourts Four Seasons Property Management2018-10-10T12:48:30+00:00
Peter Grundy - Resolv Advertising & Design
Peter Grundy – Resolv Advertising Design2018-11-06T13:49:21+00:00
James Fleck - Health Safety Environments Made Easier
James Fleck – Health, Safety and Environment Made Easier2018-10-01T20:21:44+00:00
Andy Currie - Phoenix Print Design & Photography
Andy Currie – Phoenix PDP2018-10-05T15:59:10+00:00
Danny Kearns - Thexton Mcbreen
Danny Kearns – Thexton Mcbreen2018-09-24T16:23:11+00:00
Nigel Elson - Friendly Finance
Nigel Elson – Friendly Finance2018-09-03T12:53:34+00:00
Jane Budge - LifeStyle Management Solutions
Jane Budge – LifeStyle Management Solutions2018-09-01T16:22:07+00:00
Melanie Axis - Canterbury Insurances
Melanie Axis – Canterbury Insurances2018-09-01T15:56:48+00:00
Brodie Thompson - Element Branding
Brodie Thompson – Element Branding2018-09-03T16:46:03+00:00
Mike Goatley - One Agency Real Estate
Mike Goatley – One Agency Real Estate2018-08-16T17:55:47+00:00
Nigel Ransley - Hartnells Cafe Bar
Nigel Ransley – Hartnell’s Cafe & Bar2018-06-22T15:50:59+00:00
Laura Mason - Team Bookkeeping
Laura Mason – Team Bookkeeping2018-09-13T14:05:52+00:00
Julia Roberts- Niche Marketing
Julia Roberts – Niche Marketing2018-11-19T16:46:41+00:00