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Kay Bayly – Nutritec

Kay Bayly - Nutritec

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Nutritec directors have a history of no less than 32 years of experience in the Dietary Supplement and functional food development industry.

Coupled with the experience of a renounced High Performance Sports Coach, Nutritec now brings to the industry some of the most sort after compounds in the sporting world today.


This is the Nutritec promise: We are offering you what we believe are the most extensively researched and carefully developed products on the market today aimed at improving your physical performance, muscle development and general wellbeing. They are all the result of extensive research and development by Nutritec scientists, and produced under the strictest hygiene and quality control regime.

In buying Nutritec products, you can rest assured that quality and efficacy has been paramount in all steps of production, offering our consumers the best possible health support.

Our discovery of the unique compounds and identifying the way in which the active ingredients work together – has enabled us to develop products which can target special needs, be it increased physical performance, serious muscle development, anti-aging, or a product which improves the vitality of your skin.

Modern science brings even better news. Not only have we identified the key compounds which make these dietary supplements so effective, but we have developed unique and carefully controlled extraction systems to ensure these active compounds keep their potency to deliver maximum benefits to you.

And you don’t need to be a performance athlete to benefit from this special formulation. If you feel you need a boost in the way you cope with your day-to-dayl activity we may well have the product of choice for you.

Do you have questions just send us a message and we will be happy to help.

Your team of Nutritec Professionals!

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