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Neville Cumins - Solutions Financial Services

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I love what I do for a vocation – as a Risk Management Broker – Risk Insurances: Life, Trauma, Income Protections, Business Protections, Shareholder/Partnership agreements, Private Medicals and ACC.

My aim is that people, of all walks of life, have the most affordable and best insurance cover possible. Also making them aware of the ‘insurance pitfalls’

I work in conjunction with accountants, legal advisers, business coaches and mentors.

As a free service, I ensure that business people have the right ACC classification codes and the right ACC loss of earnings cover.


Solutions is about you, not about us. We want to help you build and protect your legacy.

Whether you are a business owner or you have a family, you have people who depend on you. We make sure you are financially protected against the worst the world can throw at you. None of us are immune to tragedy. We all know a story of someone who has lost too much. With the right advisor on your side, from the beginning, you don’t have to be a statistic. Solutions will be there before you need help, so that when you do need help, you won’t be alone. Our job as Risk Management Specialists is to provide you with advice and options to secure your future.

Solutions is not tied to any one provider. We work with the best partners in New Zealand to ensure your financial future is secure. We won’t just sell you a policy, we will provide you with advice that goes beyond what you would expect from an insurance advisor. We understand your business and your life is complex, and we will work with you to ensure you have a team of trusted experts specializing in all the areas that matter to you. This can include accountants, lawyers, bankers or other experts that with our experience we can help you identify you need to guarantee your legacy.

When it comes to insurance, we’ll be there at claim time. When you need someone on your side, you’ll find us. We’ll be the ones helping you up, fighting for you to ensure you get every benefit you are entitled to.

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