Debs Taylor HayhurstSeasons come and seasons go, and we all have our favourites, and most of us prefer the summer or at least the warmer weather.

During the cold, long, dark winter months it can be hard to keep motivated. It often feels like a time when all our good intentions fall by the wayside and we put more and more things off until the spring or warmer weather.

What is it that determines our motivation and positivity?

Certainly, the weather plays its part, but mostly it’s down to us. We are the only ones who can get us going and keep us going.

Let’s look at the three main causes and three tips to get us motivated and started – something to give us that winter boost.

Three main causes:

  1. Not believing in yourself – this is probably one of the biggest reasons, and one which is and can only be self-destructive; if we don’t believe in ourselves then who will?

  2. Fear is your biggest obstacle – often we fear taking steps into the unknown because of fear, fear of failure and failing; if we don’t try, we can’t learn, and if we don’t learn we won’t succeed

  3. Your goals are wrong or too big – it’s fine being ambitious, thinking big and having great visions but if they are unachievable then that’s a huge de-motivator; also, if they are the wrong goals then we end up heading up the complete wrong road

Three main cures:

  1. Emotional benefit – if we want to achieve and feel as well as be motivated, we need to ensure the goals are not only the right ones for us, but that they also provide us with the emotional benefit we need and deserve

  2. Priority – to enable us to achieve our goals, we need to treat them as a priority and set time aside for them; when we don’t plan, we set ourselves up to fail, not achieving is a de-motivator

  3. Confidence – lack of confidence in ourselves is a bad habit, a rut and one which we can jump out of at any time, we just need to make that leap of faith and try; daily, personal, positive affirmations is a great way to start telling ourselves we can do it, and when we do it’s hugely motivating!