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Fancy a six pack?

Laura Mason - Team BookkeepingImagine if you could pay somebody to do press-ups, all day every day, and you were the one that got the results for their efforts?

They could go through the sweat and pain, and you’d be the one that can look in the mirror at the end of the day and enjoy a six pack and toned arms.

If that existed, we’d all go bonkers crazy for it, right?

Well if you think about it, what I’ve just described is outsourcing the jobs in your business you just don’t have time for or sweat about because they are not done and d-day has arrived

It really does baffle me…

You can literally buy 5, 10, 30 hours of an expert’s time and get them to perform a task that positively impacts you.

Maybe it’s not press-ups, maybe it’s chasing money owing, reducing your pile of paperwork, or meeting tax obligations to avoid penalties.

Essentially you can pay somebody to spend their time focused on making your train set run faster.

It’s phenomenal!

Yes it costs money, but in regards to your business output, speed and ability to scale – it needs to happen, and often it’s the passionate business owner that ultimately suffers or sacrifices what they love doing most.

Some food for thought? Hit reply if we can help you do the ‘press-ups.’

Chat soon! 

Is your business ready for Christmas? Our top tips to keep the cashflow and your sanity safe

  • Ensure invoices from customers are paid BEFORE Christmas. Chase those outstanding customer invoices. It’s easy to let this slide and with tax bills due in the first quarter of 2019 you can relax over the festive season knowing the money is safely in the bank.

  • Let your customers know your Christmas hours so you don’t miss any opportunities or let anyone down. Set up auto-replies, update your email signature, contact suppliers, including courier company

  • Get your payroll set-up to run smoothly. complete leave sheets and set-up scheduled payments, watching reduced banking days

Team Bookkeeping Christmas Break – we are closing on Friday 21st December and will be back open on Monday 7th January, so if you need payroll, or accounts doing ready for January returns get all the info to us pronto 🙂

Having a break from your business can be really powerful. Enjoy the festivities, you deserve it.

Grab your diary and add these important dates so you don’t miss a thing…

  • October Employers Monthly Deductions PAYE return is due for filing and payment 20th November

  • October Monthly GST return is due for filing and payment 28th November

  • November Employers Monthly Deductions PAYE return is due for filing and payment 20th December

  • October/November bi-monthly GST return is due for filing and payment by 15th January.

  • November Monthly GST return is due for filing and payment by 15 January

  • Provisional Tax – the second instalment is due on 15th January, if you have a March balance date and you have chosen to use the standard or estimation option calculation – ask your TEAM about your provisional obligations by hitting reply.

We want to complete these by 20th December, providing you with the insight ahead of Christmas break and a chance to set up the payment. If we are helping you with this please get all the info to us in the first week of December.

  • December Employers Monthly Deductions PAYE returns is due for filing and payment 21st January

  • December Monthly GST return is due for filing and payment by 28 January

  • December/January bi-monthly GST return is due for filing and payment 28th February

January you will look to plan 2019, set financial budgets, predict tax obligations. Look forward to a new year of new opportunities. If we can help you plan, budget and grow give us a call.

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