Debs Taylor HayhurstAre you one of those people who is easily distracted and procrastinates often?

Perhaps you are spontaneous always acting on last minute ideas and never looking too much in the future!

As business owners, it’s so important to focus on the management and operational aspects of our business, but equally so, it’s even more important not to lose sight of our longer-term goals, or even our medium-term goals. Working ON our business is a necessity, as losing direction and focus and not having your ‘eye on the ball’ can have a devastating effect on businesses.

Here are three steps which you might find useful:

  1. PLAN IT – Oh wow, you thought I might have been going to refer to something new and out there, but no, this is simple stuff. Taking ‘time-out’ to plan our days, weeks, months and years is essential in business. We need to ensure we are clear about our Vision and where we see the business going and set about putting a plan together to set develop steps, actions and goals to enable us to get there. Having a plan is imperative, as is thinking strategically, seeing the bigger picture and stepping back to look at our business more objectively so we can make informed decisions more easily.

  2. DO IT – Aha! I bet you guessed this was going to be the next step, didn’t you?  And yes, it sounds simple, but we often spend time planning but don’t ‘get around to it’ and there are a lot of people with ‘round-tuits’!! This is where calendar planning comes in. We must ensure we set aside time in our day to do the work to achieve our plan or goal. If we don’t do this then we will never achieve. Not only must we set time aside but we must ensure we’ve set aside sufficient time and prioritised the steps, so we do them in the right order.

  3. REVIEW IT – And yes you got it. We do need to be our own accountability buddy and ensure we are achieving what we set out to achieve at each stage. If we don’t review as we go, then we could end up going up the wrong path and ‘barking up the wrong tree’. Reviewing regularly is an essential step to help us ‘check’ if we are going to plan and if we aren’t then we need to make some minor adjustments. How often you review is up to you as long as this is done regularl