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Before speaking to Danny this week, I was feeling stressed and completely out of my depth… not knowing a way forward. Danny took the time to answer my questions and give me ideas of a… Read More “Wow! Incredible service!”

Charlotte Walsh - Wellness Balance Energy
Charlotte Walsh

The think tank meetings are gold. The fascinating members/friends I meet each week is pretty cool. Come along and see for yourself, the more the merrier ๐Ÿ™‚

Rob Woolley - Academy Training
Rob Woolley

Elite six brings a diverse range of business people together where we have the ability to share our business experiences as well as explore ways to maximise our business opportunities. Meetings are well attended and… Read More “Diverse range of business people”

Mark Scown - Ark Financial Group
Mark Scown

I have recently joined the Elite Six networking group. After joining for a trial for two meetings, one the Papanui group and then the weekly Think Tank session I found myself refreshed. It was a… Read More “I found myself refreshed”

Mitch Tucker - Savvy Solutions
Mitch Tucker

For anyone in business that wants to network with a great bunch of people this is the one for you. Its affordable, the people are awesome and the level of support you get from Danny… Read More “ELITE : SIX is Awesome”

New Brighton
Kay Bayly

Elite6 opens up opportunities to meet a wide variety of business owners and entrepreneurs. The wealth of knowledge and expertise from the group has enabled me to grow my network and enhance my business If… Read More “Opens up opportunities!”

Julia Price - Dale Carnegie Training
Julia Price

Danny and the members of Elite6 have been immensely helpful and supportive of me and my new business. I have received great advice, enjoyed collaborating with other members and connected with people from multiple industries… Read More “I highly recommend Elite6 for business owners!”