It isn’t often you find an organisation that so closely aligns to you’re core beliefs.
Elite6 achieved this by a significant point of difference.
Familial connectivity.

Instead of your average buisness group looking to leverage, Elite6 develops a family, an Esprit-de-Corp that’s gives more than it takes.
This allows more open dialogue and a courageous expression from our members. Leading to more trust and care for other members. Despite our own personal trials in entrepreneurial exploration, we all stand together to support one another as best we can.
It starts in our own chapter and then is shared at central on a Friday. An open to all session that crossed the chapters boundaries. It finished with a pleasure in seeing our peers succeeding. Knowing they wish the same for us as well.
Sometimes we are away for periods of time but when we return it is even better, as everyone wants to know How you are? What’s been happening? What did you learn / achieve?
Without avarice or jealousy but with honest and heartfelt support.
I dare you to find this in other groups to this degree.
The glue is Danny de Hek, Elite6 is his buisness and his buisness is good.