I’ve been part of ELITE : SIX since 2016, and fair to say, the weekly meeting is one of the highlights of my business week. As a small business owner, working on my own can get a bit lonely. I see my ELITE : SIX group as my colleagues, and our weekly meeting is my staff meeting.

ELITE : SIX is about a group of like minded people who are in it to give, far more than to receive. I have had endless amounts of support and advice from our members and I hope I’ve been able to give the same in return. I’ve used the services of many, many Elite6 members and encourage everyone to do the same. But there is no pressure to do so.

ELITE : SIX is not about referrals, it’s about support… and referrals if it’s the right connection. I am 100% certain that I would not still be in business if it weren’t for ELITE : SIX, and look forward to a continued, long relationship!!!