The primary purpose of ELITE : SIX is to provide a supportive environment to build strong relationships with like-minded people at a cost-effective rate.

Marketing Value

You are promoted within the following areas:

  • ELITE : SIX Website

  • ELITE : SIX App

  • ELITE : SIX Meetings

  • ELITE : SIX Events

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising of your business will grow exponentially through ELITE : SIX involvement.

Members have the benefits of the ELITE: SIX Meetings, Members Directory and App.


Each ELITE : SIX group has a facilitator to assist with all matters.

Code of Ethics

  1. Always maintain professional standards representing yourself and your company.

  2. Always supply quality leads to others as they will do for you.

  3. Always follow up all supplied leads as soon as possible.

  4. Always have up-to-date insurance covering your service type.

  5. Always welcome new members and guests when they attend meetings.

ELITE : SIX Members Membership Lists

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