Effective Communication is Effective Time Management

::Effective Communication is Effective Time Management

Effective Communication is Effective Time Management

Tracy Twyman - TransitionsTraditional time management focuses on the life hacks and tools that enable us to pack as much as possible into our days.

Modern time management focuses on eliminating busy-ness so we instead focus on the most important things first, second and third (and not just today or as part of our work, but what we want from life).

But what about the part effective communication plays in managing our time?

Most of us, at some time in our lives, have thought the other person must be a bit slow if they got the wrong end of the stick. But as Sun Tzu is meant to have said over two thousand years ago: If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, then the general is to blame.

So how often have you had to revisit things because of misunderstandings? Or even worse, had something go majorly wrong because someone misunderstood what you meant?

Yes, when things go wrong we are encouraged to break the event down into all the components to identify the root cause, but how often does that consideration include looking closely at what we said or how we said it?

How often before we send a written message do we ask ourselves

  • can this be interpreted more than one way?

  • have I used jargon that might mean something different to my reader?

  • is it clear what action I want them to take?

How often when talking, do we ask open ended questions to check understanding?

Yes this is a chicken and egg situation. It takes time to stop and ask ourselves these questions. But taking a few extra minutes to check frees up our future time exponentially if we eliminate misunderstandings. It makes it possible for us to focus on our most important things first, second and third.

So in the rush to the end of year finish line, keep in mind taking a few extra minutes to check how effective your communication is likely to be before pushing send or has been before ending that conversation, may well eliminate thousands of unproductive minutes and take you to the results you want quicker than you imagined possible.

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