Laura Mason - Team BookkeepingHow to Choose the Best Bookkeeper for your Business?

Whether you’ve decided to free up your time to focus on doing what you do best – or you’re looking for a professional to offer ongoing expertise and support on operational processes and technology – working with a bookkeeper can add significant value to your business.

The question is… how do your find and choose the right person?! Here are our top tips on how to choose the best bookkeeper for your business, and the most important qualities to take into account.


First and foremost, look for a bookkeeper with the right skills. ASK about their experience and qualifications, and – most importantly – ask them to give you an understanding of their skillset and best practice standards, and how these will translate to impeccable bookkeeping for your business.

If a bookkeeper is a member of a professional body and can provide insight into the ongoing training and professional development they undertake, you’re onto a winner.


Much of our business is conducted via email these days – but don’t overlook the value in being able to sit down with a professional and talk things through face-to-face or via a virtual meeting when it comes to your business finances and processes.

Choosing a bookkeeper who is available either in person or via virtual meeting can make it a lot easier to get a handle on things when you have questions, want business insight, need new software training or troubleshooting, or are looking for additional assistance throughout the year, before making a big operational decision, and in the lead up to EOFY.

Reliable & Trustworthy

Bookkeeping is a crucial aspect of the everyday business – so it’s vital when looking for a bookkeeper to find someone reliable and dependable, who is as passionate about your success as you are and you can trust to help you continue moving forward. It can be tricky to gauge someone’s reliability before you’ve had a chance to work with them, so look for a bookkeeper who offers a free meet and greet consultation, trust your first impressions and go with your gut.


Last, but certainly not least, consider rapport when selecting the right bookkeeper for your business. As with any partnership, being able to communicate openly is a lot easier and more effective. If you feel comfortable asking questions and they provide service with a smile, they’re a keeper. Good vibes only!

BONUS: Feedback & Social Proof

Don’t forget to check out what other people are saying about a potential bookkeeper to help guide your decision. Positive Facebook reviews, happy client testimonials on their website, or a referral from someone you know, can be great indicators that your experience is going to be a good one.

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