Helen Oakes - Mode de vieIn life, we always want to get somewhere, to that destination that gives us the most success or joy in life. But when traveling it can be different. I am a great believer in enjoying the journey as much as the destination, in fact, I could go as far as saying sometimes the journey would be the ultimate for me. Then again I am different in that respect. I love to travel, the flying, the airport experience, the plane food, the window views and everything else that goes with air travel.

Lounging Around

I hear a lot of people complain about the journey and how they either hate flying or they just want to get there. I flew to Canada a year ago which to me is a 13-hour flight and quite honestly I loved the whole experience. From the check-in to the lovely Koru Lounge it was all an amazing adventure.

Koru Lounge

If you are a lounge member then the benefits really make traveling more enjoyable and bearable for those that don’t like to travel. A lounge membership allows you to relax, take a shower, eat and drink, get last minute work done, people watch or take in the views if the lounge is right by the tarmac. For plane enthusiasts, it is the ultimate. Getting close up access to all the aircraft coming and going is entertainment enough for me.