Chryssie Woodham - Unique StyleHave you ever wondered why you have so many clothes in your wardrobe and still nothing to wear?

Have some of these clothes been bought on impulse, or where you swayed because it was a ‘good price’ or you felt like something different and the latest fashion trend beckoned you, and now find you do not like them, or can’t even remember why you bought them in the first place? These items hang in your wardrobe, passed by for one of your favourites. Of course you cannot do away with them because that would be a reminder that you spent money on them, and you just might have made a bad choice. Maybe there are clothes that you have not worn for the past 5 years but hope that fashion will bring them back to the limelight again, knowing deep down that it is probably not likely to happen.

I say “love the the clothes you wear” as it goes along way to expressing who you are and feeling right in your clothes. Your clothes are visible symbols of who you are and who you want to be! Your personality is drawn to certain looks. Nearly every piece of your wardrobe can speak volumes about you. Fashion makes us strive to attain more, but it also makes us think about everything we don’t have. Thanks to these contradictions, most of us harbour a love-hate attitude toward clothing. We love how a nice outfit can brighten our mood one day, but hate the frustration of having ‘nothing to wear’ the next.

We are so busy trying to follow trends that we never develop our own personal style, of having that inner knowledge of self so we can express who we truly are in our dress. Some people naturally have a sense of their own style while for others it is a journey of discovery over time.

How do you go about consciously creating your personal style?

My 30 years experience has shown me that people inherently want to express who they are in their dress. To feel excitement each time they create an outfit that says ‘this is who I am’. Therefore, what influences your garment choices comes from the complexities of your personality. It is these traits that are reflected in the types of style, fabric and colour combinations that you prefer.

In general there are 4 main personality-dressing styles, however as I said you are a complex being and I have found that to create a look of your own is about combining two dressing styles to create one. And the combinations are just as important as the degrees to which they are portrayed, and that is what makes you unique! Being who you are and being comfortable with that is reflected in your dress. Joy and confidence is created within yourself when you know that you reflect your true self rather than what you think you should do or be.

Once you know your ‘look’, you can then consider what is appropriate for work with your style in mind.

Your wardrobe develops through time, and like life cycles, fashion trends are a reminder to us to enjoy our clothes. Be alert to how you feel and what you want to look like. The one thing that you all have to do every day is to decide on what to wear, so opening your wardrobe should be a pleasure. Knowing your look goes a long way to feeling fabulous in your clothes!