Membership Drive for Elite6 Sydenham (9.30am Tuesdays)

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    Hello out there!

    Did you know we now have Elite6 Sydenham? It’s a small but mighty group that intends to take over the world… and we need your help!

    We currently have:

    an accountant
    an engineer
    an IT solution provider
    a funeral director
    an advertising guru
    a realestate photographer
    a realestate agent
    a career coach
    a house painter
    a children’s retailer
    a mortgage broker
    and a chocolate importer!

    As you can see we have a wide variety of experience and skills – but we still have plenty of room for people from many different industries!
    In particular we would love to have:

    a lawyer
    a personal trainer
    a landscaper
    a book keeper
    a graphic designer
    a printer
    a travel agent

    And that’s just to name a few!!

    Elite6 Sydenham meets at 9.30am on Tuesdays at Sugarhorse in Moorhouse Ave. Our meetings are run by Sarah Schaap, a 2.5 year veteran of Elite6 who is one of our biggest fans. We are a friendly group who shares the good and the bad – we’ve had many a tear shed on willing shoulders, and even more congratulatory high 5s.

    If you’re a current member, we’d love you to have a think about who you know that would enjoy a Tuesday morning coffee with a great bunch of motivational people. If you’ve been a member before and have been thinking about returning, we would love to have you back!

    There is no fixed term contract to sign, just a commitment to yourself and your group that you will attend our weekly meetings and bring a smile and a sense of humour.

    We look forward to seeing your smiling face!

    Danny, Sarah & the Elite6 Team

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