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Danny de HekThe primary purpose of Elite6 is to exchange qualified business referrals and to develop business for all concerned at a cost-effective rate.

Marketing Programme Value

Being an Elite6 Member is like having (up to) 100 salespeople marketing your product or service.

You are promoted within the following areas:

  • Elite6 Website

  • Elite6 Meetings

  • Elite6 Functions

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth advertising of your business will grow exponentially through Elite6 involvement.

Members have the benefits of the Elite6 meetings and Classified Directory Listings.

Elite6 Support

Each Elite6 group has a facilitator and the admin support team to assist with all matters.

Members Code of Ethics

  1. Always maintain professional standards representing yourself and your company.

  2. Always supply quality leads to others as they will do for you.

  3. Always follow up all supplied leads as soon as possible.

  4. Always have up-to-date insurance covering your service type.

  5. Always welcome new members and guests when they attend meetings.

Elite6 Members Membership Lists

Our membership list is for the purpose of ‘giving’ referrals and not for soliciting (via email, direct mail or other means) work from members without their prior approval.

Use of Images and Video

I agree that I give Elite6 Business Networking permission to take and use photographs and video of me, taken at any Elite6 event. This includes but is not limited to use on social media, printed media and web use. Elite6 retains ownership of all still and video images, now and in the future. Images are used at the discretion of Elite6.

General Policies for Members:

  1. Any person or company is permitted to join a group as long as the service is legal & professional.

  2. No sexual or offensive products or services are permitted.

  3. Only one company from each profession/industry is permitted to join a group.

  4. Transfer from one group to another is permitted.

  5. Members who wish to change their service classification may do so, providing your group can accommodate them and it causes no conflict of interest.

  6. Attendance at our Elite6 Groups is compulsory; if you are absent for 6 meetings your group facilitator holds the right to terminate your position should they chose to do so. Elite6 do not refund payments.

  7. We welcome and encourage you to bring visitors to all meetings.

  8. Invoices must be paid in full on due date as per the terms of the invoice.

  9. Your membership may be revoked with one day’s written notice for failure to comply with these policies.

  10. From time to time Elite6 policies may change without notice.

  11. One membership/industry per group – if you wish to attend more than one group then registration and paid membership is required. Commitment to the groups is expected.

  12. To maintain a good relationship with the venue owner it is advised that you order breakfast or a drinks to support the venue being free of charge.

  13. All members are encouraged to write genuine reviews on the website of other members services if they have used them to validate that Member.


  1. If any member fails to comply with Elite6 policies, or fails to meet the requirements and high standards set by Elite6, their Elite6 Membership will be revoked immediately by written notice. All documentation of that Member will be removed from the Website.

  2. Elite6 holds the right to delete any advertising or service that breaches our terms of conditions.

  3. No Refunds or Credits for partially used periods are given under any circumstances.

Payment Options

  1. A Monthly Fee of $67.85 payable by Automatic Payment

  2. Or an Annual Fee of $708.00 Plus GST to be paid upon joining and is non refundable

We appreciate 1 months notice for termination of membership.

Any late payment will incur a $15.00 admin fee added monthly on any balance.

All expenses, including collection costs from obtaining the services of a debt collection company and/or legal fees in relation to any overdue amount will be added to your account and you are liable for its payment.

Membership Termination

To terminate your Elite6 Business Networking Membership please complete the form at www.elite6.co.nz/about/termination/