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If you are interested in attending one of our Elite6 meetings, you are welcome to just rock on up to any of our Weekly Meetings throughout New Zealand. To get a One Month FREE Trial you can register now or on the day at

We do endeavour to have one person in each industry however we do have exceptions to this when a member does not feel there is any conflict.

Kritara Strunk - Love YOUR Life + Love YOUR Space Limited
Kritara Strunk – Love YOUR Life + Love YOUR Space2019-01-13T17:42:49+00:00
Peter Brasch - MTF Finance Northlands
Peter Brasch – MTF Finance Northlands2018-12-05T17:21:06+00:00
Shaun Jin - Quality Clean
Shaun Jin – Quality Clean2018-11-07T11:19:33+00:00
Lia Brown - NZ Granny Flats
Lia Brown – NZ Granny Flats2018-10-01T21:23:25+00:00
Ashleigh Graham - Ashleigh Graham Personal Stylist
Ashleigh Graham – Ashleigh Graham Personal Stylist2018-10-17T12:56:56+00:00
Tracy Phillips – TP’s Eco Clean2018-06-25T20:12:59+00:00
Eleanor Becker - Elite Business Services
Eleanor Becker – Elite Business Services2018-04-03T16:35:52+00:00
Liz Maynard - World Cuisine
Liz Maynard – World Cuisine2018-06-11T15:08:18+00:00
Richard Sewak - Lifestyle Solutions
Richard Sewak – Lifestyle Solutions2018-03-05T15:16:23+00:00
The Bealey Ale Steak House
Darryll Park – The Bealey Ale & Steak House2018-10-01T18:50:23+00:00
Bradley Peffer - Printing-Com
Bradley Peffer – Printing.com2017-12-05T20:48:27+00:00
Richie Knight - Cosgroves
Richie Knight – Cosgroves2017-12-05T21:35:40+00:00
Raelene Rees Chartered Accountants
Raelene Rees – Raelene Rees Chartered Accountants2018-02-28T15:13:28+00:00