Relationship Property: What’s Mine is Ours

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Mandy had been working since she was a high school student. It was her dream to own her own home and she sacrificed a lot to make sure it would happen. By the age of 25 she had $200,000 made up of savings, Kiwisaver, Homestart Grant and an inheritance from her grandparents. She bought herself house for $350,000 and a $5,000 Honda Civic.

How to calm someone down when they are upset at you

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When someone is experiencing a negative emotion the thinking part of their brain turns off. If you try and rationalise with them as to why you didn’t mean it that way, or why they are getting upset for the wrong reason, it will not work! So don’t do it. Calm them down first so their rational brain re-engages.

Starting your own Business

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The possibilities of the internet truly are endless, so it's no surprise, so many businesses begin online. The modern day ‘yellow pages’ is faster, more efficient, user-friendly and generates higher results than any business directory before it. Making it almost impossible to create a target audience if you're not on the internet. Seriously though? If you're not on the internet do you or your business even exist.

Are you in control of your life or is your life controlling you?

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If I was to say to you that managing stress is about you taking control of your life, would you agree, or would you say you can’t do anything about it - that stress can happen to any of us, like catching the flu?

Dale Carnegie Training – Principles For Enhancing Relationships

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Recently I had the privilege of doing a three day course with Brian Anderson, who is a Dale Carnegie Trainer. Myself and fifteen like-minded people completed the "Skills for Success" programme. This was truly an amazing experience!

Everyone you meet knows something you don’t

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My husband has teased me often over the last 25 years about the time I was lost in the centre of Christchurch & followed a car towing a caravan around the streets until I lost them. In my defence I had never lived in Christchurch at that point in time and did not know my way around.

Don’t let the past hold your future hostage

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With the recent media attention on the musician Scribe recently making headlines, I wanted to look into the life that this person led. According to a recent article in Stuff, Scribe's family story is one of violence, drug addiction, prison stints and gang associations.

Branding… as in advertising.

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It's sexy - when done well. It builds emotional connections with the humans in the market - over time. We aspire to the products or emotions the images and sounds invoke in us. It's the nature of us to desire more - isn’t it? Whether you’re ok with this premise or not –it's the way it is, in my opinion.

Residential Tenancy Legislation Changes are Coming

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As you may be aware there are a few legislation changes to the Residential Tenancies Act currently going through Parliament which is very exciting as some changes certainly need to be made to some of the current outdated, and in my opinion quite frankly, unfair law.

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