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Have meet some amazing people who are now friends and part of our business family. Highly recommended.

Elyce Maxwell - The Mortgage Girls
Elite6 Addington, Elite6 Central
Elyce Maxwel

I am Liz and I own a catering company called World Cuisine. Elite6 Business Networking has helped my new business is so many ways they have given me direction and much needed support. I would… Read More “Given me direction and support”

Liz Maynard - Gourmet Cuisine
Elite6 Papanui
Liz Maynard

I really enjoy being part of the Elite6 business family and I have built up more business contacts than I have ever had before. I’ve made numerous photography bookings that would not have otherwise happened… Read More “Numerous Photography Bookings!”

Helen Oakes - Mode de vie
Elite6 Belfast, Elite6 Central
Helen Oakes

I have been with Elite6 for 3 years now and find it invaluable for my business. I am a small business owner and work from home so it is great to get together with other… Read More “Invaluable for my Business”

Fiona Johnston - Cocoa Traders
Elite6 Sydenham
Fiona Johnston

My experience with Elite6 has been second to none. The relaxed manor and quality business networking opportunities have been excellent. Thanks to Danny and all the members.

Elite6 Sydenham
Mark Glanville

Elite6 is great way of connecting with other business owners and getting amazing support – we use each other’s businesses where we can, swap ideas about marketing, keep updated regarding technology, brainstorm if one of… Read More “Elite6 is great way”

Jane Yee - Allen Yee Lawyers
Elite6 Sydenham
Jane Yee

I’ve been a member of Elite6 for the past 6 months. The environment is great, meetings are well structure. We have a tremendous groups and it’s a great place for me personally to come together… Read More “A great place”

Luke Piper - Strategize
Elite6 Belfast
Luke Piper

I am very new to this great group and really enjoying the positive atmosphere filled with laughter and FUN! Listening, supporting and trusting each other is certainly nurtured here. Building rapport and friendship raidates engery… Read More “Great start to a Thursday morning!”

Debbie Gordon - Harcourts Gold
Elite6 New Brighton
Debbie Gordon

As a new member I find the networking sessions inspiring and Danny is great at including people. The existing members make you feel welcomed. Recommend you check out if you are looking to connect and… Read More “As a new member!”

Chris Cameron - Tandem NZ
Elite6 New Brighton
Chris Cameron

I’ve been part of Elite6 since 2014, and fair to say, the weekly meeting is one of the highlights of my business week. As a small business owner, working on my own can get a… Read More “Smart Stuff for Business!”

Elite6 Sydenham
Sarah Schaap

Danny’s boundless energy and love of connecting people are the driving forces behind his many ventures. I’ve done business with Danny through his Elite6 networking programme and he’s proven to deliver on my expectations. I… Read More “Successful Networking”

Peter King - Giggle TV
Elite6 New Brighton
Peter King

It isn’t often you find an organisation that so closely aligns to you’re core beliefs. Elite6 achieved this by a significant point of difference. Familial connectivity. Instead of your average buisness group looking to leverage,… Read More “Real Business Family”

Clint Thorburn - Bespoke Trade Solutions
Elite6 Addington
Clint Thorburn

I love my Elite6 group, it’s a great way to connect with other business owners, share experiences, celebrate successes, and to learn from other members’ knowledge and experience. Elite6 has been supportive and even at… Read More “Proud to a Member”

Erin Morrison - First Avenue Property
Elite6 Sydenham
Erin Morrison

Danny de Hek is a fantastic, skilled and enthusiastic networker personally and through his networking company, Elite6. I have known Danny for 5 years and know that his knowledge and experience in both social and… Read More “First Rate Company!”

David Clarkson - Dynamic Communication
Elite6 Papanui
David Clarkson

Elite6 has been an integral part of my business growth. I highly recommend Danny’s networking groups to anyone wishing to grow their business, make extremely useful contacts, or just to have a connection to other… Read More “Like-Minded Entrepreneurs”

Karen Degen
Elite6 Addington
Karen Degen

I have known Danny for the past 2 years and have enjoyed his humour and business savvy. Having joined Elite6 for the same period of time have been good for business and just the fun… Read More “Great Weekly Meetings”

Neville Cumins - Solutions Financial Services
Elite6 Addington
Neville Cumins

I have been going to Elite6 for over a year now, and wanted to say thanks to Danny for putting together such an interesting group of people. Originally I thought it would be about business… Read More “Trusted Group of Friends”

Paul Brown - Law
Elite6 Belfast
Paul Brown

I’ve been a member of Elite6 for 12 months, and it has been a fantastic investment of my time. My family moved to Christchurch less than 2 years ago, and Elite6 has been invaluable in… Read More “Fantastic Investment”

Brian Magellan - Swainwoodham Group
Elite6 New Brighton, Elite6 Sydenham
Brian Magellan

I have found his ability to explore and exploit technology invaluable in my business. From building our website through to advising how to keep fresh content on the site his wealth of knowledge is often… Read More “Exploits Technology”

Clinton Selby - Ergostyle
Elite6 New Brighton
Clinton Selby