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Cash Flow Quickeners

By |2018-02-05T17:42:27+00:00Monday, 5 February 2018|Finance & Insurance|

Luke Piper - Thexton ArmstrongCash flow is often called 'the lifeblood of a business', and for several good reasons. But the flow of cash into most businesses is uneven and there can be times when a constrained cash flow creates serious problems, even if the long-term situation is positive.

How to achieve long term affordability of your insurance

By |2017-10-30T19:22:04+00:00Monday, 30 October 2017|Finance & Insurance|

Insurance premiums are lower when you’re young and healthy, and higher when you’re older and more likely to be diagnosed with an illness or disease. This is the case for 95+% of people with insurance - and unfortunately it often means that many of these people will need to make the tough decision to cancel their insurance in their older years - which is exactly when they will need their cover!

How to Handle Baubles and Bait with Finance

By |2017-10-30T19:21:38+00:00Monday, 30 October 2017|Finance & Insurance|

Why are we distracted by baubles and bait? We can't help it, we're humans after all. Fear not my friends. You haven't lost any IQ points if you're an avid collector of the smurfs or you have to collect stickers in exchange for a prize. You are just doing what we've been designed to do since the beginning of time: hunt and gather.

Why Independent Insurance Adviser?

By |2017-02-02T16:22:29+00:00Thursday, 2 February 2017|Finance & Insurance|

Many people who want to buy insurance go and speak directly to an insurance company, or to insurance advisers who work for an insurance company; in both cases, you will only be recommended one company's products, and not be given choice about the best insurer for you.