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We have put together some useful frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to use the Contact page.

What group is best for me?2019-07-16T22:14:16+12:00

When you complete the Request Invite form it enables you to select a Group you would like to attend, part of our eligibility process is, we may recommend a group that may be better suited for you and your business.

What can I expect when I go to my first meeting?2019-07-16T22:15:29+12:00

The Facilitator will greet you and introduce you to other members who will look after you for the meeting. You are given the opportunity to talk for 5 minutes about you and your business to 5 other Members at your table in a friendly, relaxed and fun atmosphere.

What do I need to bring?2019-07-16T22:17:13+12:00

Ideally just bring yourself, a positive attitude, and leave your business cards at home. If you are wanting other members contact details, we have a Members Directory on our website and App for that.

Do I have to speak?