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::Some Smile Therapy

Some Smile Therapy

Danny de HekHappiness where do we find happiness in the modern world.

Well I bet you’re thinking that good health, friends and family give you a lot of happiness? You would be correct those things play a large part! However how often do you actually see your friends and family in your daily routine or would it be better to say in the workplace.

What inspired me to write this blog… I simply walked past a lady and her daughter had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a human that day, so big in fact I took the initiative and made a comment to her mother “it’s nice to see such a big smile on a little person”

It was more than just a big smile, it was a contagious smile! I found myself smiling as I walked down the street, I started thinking where did that come from.

So it would be true to say that your actions do make a difference in other peoples lives even if you are only 4-5 years of age and you only get to share a brief moment, google says smiling is contagious and it releases good endorphins.

A good friend of mine (Roydon Gibbs) at one of my Elite6 Speed Networking events told a group of people to put a pen in their mouth and bite down on it with there teeth!

Try some smile therapy, look for a pen and put it in between your teeth you will find this naturally activates the muscles typically used for smiling. This even works for the saddest looking people! Basically it’s forcing you to smile and releases the same endorphins as if you were naturally smiling.

In conclusion remember to smile, even if you are just walking down the street or better still at your workplace, if you find it difficult grab a pen stick it between your teeth try not to dribble and let the happiness in endorphins flow.

Hope you enjoy being a contagious person in your office.

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Danny de Hek
Like most people, I have many passions, goals and dreams. As a self made business professional, my focus is helping my clients, associates and friends, build, strengthen and maintain their success. It would be fair to say I am in the full time business of building relationships and feel my purpose and skill is connecting the right people with the right people. My professional work tends to dominate my personal life, to the horror of my friends and business mentor. They fully support me yet give me the hard truths when I need to hear this. I am always investing in my personal development to have a fulfilled work/life balance. I enjoy Target Shooting, Hiking & Mountain Biking to clear the brain and to take the guilt away when indulging at a quirky cafe for a cooked breakfast or brunch. My passion for travelling has seen me experience the world on many occasions, my next adventure will be doing the Tibet Rail Journey on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway from Lhasa to Golmud as long as they have Wi-Fi aboard. I have many goals I still wish to achieve but am pretty chuffed that I have accomplished so many of these already.

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  1. 18 May 2015 at 1:31 pm

    Thanks Danny
    I really do love it when you wear your smile and people around you smile back, not because they know why you are smiling but just because it is infectious! Let’s be infectious people in the best way and never leave home without wearing ours!
    Shirley Berryman

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