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Is It The Journey Or The Destination?

By |2019-03-28T19:37:00+12:00Tuesday, 5 March 2019|Tips & Advice|

In life, we always want to get somewhere, to that destination that gives us the most success or joy in life. But when traveling it can be different. I am a great believer in enjoying the journey as much as the destination, in fact, I could go as far as saying sometimes the journey would be the ultimate for me.

Why you need to get a relationship agreement?

By |2019-03-28T19:37:12+12:00Thursday, 2 August 2018|Tips & Advice|

So… your about to buy your first home, or your partner is just about to move into your home, or you have been in a relationship for under 3 years (current legislation)…. You need a relationship agreement (also known as: contracting out agreement).

Starting your own Business

By |2019-03-28T19:37:20+12:00Thursday, 5 October 2017|Tips & Advice|

The possibilities of the internet truly are endless, so it's no surprise, so many businesses begin online. The modern day ‘yellow pages’ is faster, more efficient, user-friendly and generates higher results than any business directory before it. Making it almost impossible to create a target audience if you're not on the internet. Seriously though? If you're not on the internet do you or your business even exist.

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