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Danny de HekAre you looking for a fun and rewarding opportunity to develop a business community that can be run in conjunction with your primary business?

You will get great satisfaction from facilitating and mentoring a group of like-minded people.

You provide a space for people to come and meet others, to grow and develop their businesses – making a difference to your community by providing this service.

The group generates its own energy and helps build your professional profile.

How it Works

We will assist you in creating a new group under the branding of Elite6 for one morning each week. Your role is to manage and grow your new group. You can expect to spend approximately 15 hours a month preparing and running the meetings.

Elite6 will provide you with systems, training and support around its unique format of business networking.

Each Elite6 member pays a monthly membership fee of $59 + GST. Unlike other networking companies we pay our facilitators 50% of that fee for running our meeting under the Elite6 branding and systems.

We suggest that to create a new group, you will need a minumum of 6 commited business people. It would usually only take a few months to increase this number to 12+. The ultimate goal is to eventually reach 36 members.

We are looking for facilitators to create and run groups all over New Zealand just Contact Danny de Hek and lets get started.