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Content is King

By |2019-03-05T12:32:50+13:00Thursday, 10 January 2019|Marketing|

As many of you may know I live with the gift of dyslexia and to be honest it probably helped me along the way to learn how the Internet worked.

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Website Architecture

By |2019-03-05T12:33:09+13:00Sunday, 25 November 2018|Marketing|

Can you imagine living in a house that wasn’t designed by an architect or better still have you ever walked into a house that has been properly designed and instantly you think boy I would love to live here?

Domain Names

By |2019-03-05T12:30:50+13:00Monday, 6 August 2018|Marketing|

Often I get people turning up on my doorstep who have already purchased their domain names. I sit there with clenched teeth waiting for their announcement and rarely do they get my stamp of approval.

Branding… as in advertising.

By |2017-08-19T17:37:32+13:00Saturday, 19 August 2017|Marketing|

It's sexy - when done well. It builds emotional connections with the humans in the market - over time. We aspire to the products or emotions the images and sounds invoke in us. It's the nature of us to desire more - isn’t it? Whether you’re ok with this premise or not –it's the way it is, in my opinion.