Branding… as in advertising.

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It's sexy - when done well. It builds emotional connections with the humans in the market - over time. We aspire to the products or emotions the images and sounds invoke in us. It's the nature of us to desire more - isn’t it? Whether you’re ok with this premise or not –it's the way it is, in my opinion.

Search Engine Marketing

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The days of relying on free search engine traffic are limited well lets be honest they are basically over unless you have the time and energy to post blogs every two or three days. So relying on free search engine traffic to drive your website is going to leave you bitterly disappointed.

Target Marketing Tactics

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There are dozens of marketing channels out there, which ones are right for you and your business? Well, I don’t know. The great Jay Abraham is a test and measure junkie (see Getting Everything you can out of All you’ve Got).

Networking Mongrels

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Mongrel - definition - A mongrel, mutt, or mixed-breed dog is a dog that belongs to no single organizationally recognized breed and is not the result of selective breeding.

Should I use my ISP email address?

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Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as; Xtra, Clear, iHug, Vodafone offer a free email address as part of your package. The problem with this is that it is tied to the ISP and if you move then you loose your email address and all email that is sent to it!

Google Maps

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We have all used Google Maps at some point in time. While some people may not be dependent on Google local maps and Google map directions, everybody knows what an immensely useful tool it is.