Danny de HekWhen I create a website my job is to make sure the site is secure and that all the shopping, booking, contact pages and scripts work as well as block spam robots and not the real users. I also make sure that the web content is of the best quality and sufficiently key-wordy, then I tie all that together so the website is all search engine friendly.

The days of relying on free search engine traffic are limited well lets be honest they are basically over unless you have the time and energy to post blogs every two or three days. So relying on free search engine traffic to drive your website is going to leave you bitterly disappointed.

I don’t see the point of spending all the time and money putting together a website if you are not going to proactively market it. The service that ReachLocal New Zealand offer my clients is world class and I believe “leaving each tradesmen to do their job” the Smart Internet Professional Marketing Team at ReachLocal New Zealand is more than capable of driving traffic to your existing or new website we worked together and come up with an advertising package that will increase your sales.

One of the main advantages there is no real waiting time, you can have your new website working for your business within a few days, enough said, let’s get the ball rolling! You can Contact me directly and we will create a unique Search Engine Marketing campaign for your product or service!

Search Engine Marketing Options

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about maximizing the visibility of your website in search engine results. If your site isn’t on the first page of results for a search then you’re essentially invisible to prospective customers.
Rather than pay every time your ad is shown, with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. What’s more, you choose how much you’re willing to pay for each click. And, if you’re tracking conversions through analytics, you’ll know what your cost per click (CPC) should be. You can run PPC campaigns on search engines, display advertising networks and on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Google Analytics is a sophisticated free web analytics tool that allows you to track the effectiveness of your website marketing activities and understand visitor behaviour. In the right hands, with the right person interpreting your data, it is an incredibly valuable tool. If not, well, what’s the point of a free tool that gives you more questions than answers?
Your marketing activities will help drive visitors to your website, but how effective is your website at turning visitors into leads or customers? And if you want to improve your website conversion rates, how do you know which website pages to change and what changes will have the biggest impact?
How does your website look on a smartphone? And how easy is it for people using a smartphone to interact with your website? With projections that by 2015 more people will access the Web from mobile phones and tablets than desktop computers, having a mobile-friendly website is becoming critical for many businesses.
With most consumers beginning their search for products and services using a search engine – not the local newspaper or Yellow Pages – you need to make sure they can find your business. And that’s where ReachLocal can help

What can ReachLocal New Zealand do for you?

You have access to a unique technology widely used overseas that is now available in New Zealand exclusively though ReachLocal New Zealand.

The Technology Will Do 3 Important Things For You,

  • Puts you on all major search engines giving you maximum exposure.
  • Tracks all the results from the ads including phone calls. We even record the phone calls so you can listen to them. (so you know with authority how much new business was created)
  • Over time learns the best search phrases people use that result in a phone call or email enquiry when looking for your products and services online and also what the best position to put your ad in on the results page. (we know what makes your phone ring, resulting in more leads for less money)

Find out what Google thinks

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What people saying about ReachLocal New Zealand

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