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Danny de Hek – Elite6 Business Networking

Danny de Hek - Elite6 Business Networking

Mobile: 021 961 652
Email: info@elite6.co.nz
Website: www.elite6.co.nz

Company:  Elite6 Business Networking
Postal: 37 Edmond Street, Woolston, Christchurch 8062

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Danny is a self-made business professional, owner of Elite6 Business Networking, a master of business networking, and social network guru. He believes his purpose is to create ‘business families’.

Despite reading, writing and pronunciation not coming easily to Danny, he has published over 2.5 thousand blogs, manages over 50 Facebook pages and created over 500 websites.

Outside work, he is also a keen mountain biker, hiker, smallbore target shooter, loves to travel and spends all of his remaining free time connecting people!

Elite6 Business Networking

We are a progressive and forward thinking business networking organisation that brings local businesses together each week for an hour of interactive networking.

At each meeting one member delivers a 15-minute presentation to the group. Then, each person speaks for five minutes about their business while sitting at a table of up to six. Tables are mixed each week, so you get to meet different people. This is a major point of difference with Elite6 compared to other networking groups. Members are encouraged to meet outside their Elite6 meetings at workplaces, socially or other networking events. This helps build better professional relationships, friendships and synergies with other like minded people.

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  1. 10 October 2014 at 6:14 pm

    Re Speed Networking Event on the 8th Oct

    Danny – Last evening was a success.

    Congratulations !
    Good Location
    Great Speaker
    Good Attendance (4 school Holidays)
    Excellent food
    Great MC
    Excellent and generosity of Scott to provide the book.

    You and your partner did a great job of providing people a platform to mix and mingle with other like minded people. Some were a little shy at the start but gained confidence as the evening progressed. Well done and I/we look forward to attending future events and meetings.

    Lois & John

  2. Chris McMullon
    Chris McMullon 15 December 2016 at 3:28 pm

    Once again an amazing session with Danny, explaining to a total social media novice such as myself the benefits and powerful interactions that are able to be me made through the use of social media effectively. Having only been an Elite6 member for half a year now he has nevertheless shoehorned multiple years of knowledge into my grey brain cells and always leaves me with an enthusiasm to find out more…….and all this is on top of all the other benefits from Elite6 membership. Thanks so, so much Danny, I hope you have a great Christmas break……you’ve well and truly earned it mate!

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