Bradley Peffer - Websites by Printing.comEveryone knows that if your business doesn’t appear on the first page of google and ideally within the top 5 listings, you are missing out on serious sales opportunities.

To create some traction and ensure you are making every effort to improve your ranking, try implementing these easy steps!

  1. Start blogging – Search engines love fresh content. The easiest way to post new content is to start a blog or have a ‘news’ section. Use this to talk about what you’ve been doing, relevant topics, industry observations and so on.

  2. One idea at a time! – Your blog will work best when centred on a single idea or topic. Keep it simple and clear.

  3. Share your stuff – Social media tools like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are an ideal way to gain further exposure for your website – and that’s just the start.

  4. Content marketing – Create and share content like photos, videos and blogs to help develop an interest in your product and service that you’re offering. The idea behind content marketing is to attract and maintain an audience, ultimately leading to increased sales from a ‘loyal’ following.

  5. Analyse your stats – Do you know what the visitors to your site are reading and where they are coming from? Google Analytics allows you to see how many people are visiting, what they’re looking at and how long they’re staying. You can use this information to tweak the content and keywords on unpopular pages to try and drive traffic to them. You can also work out what content is popular which allows you to produce content relevant to your audience.

Take some time, implement the above steps and watch the opportunities come in!