Peter King - Giggle TVIt’s sexy – when done well. It builds emotional connections with the humans in the market – over time. We aspire to the products or emotions the images and sounds invoke in us. It’s the nature of us to desire more – isn’t it? Whether you’re ok with this premise or not –it’s the way it is, in my opinion.

My world seems full of all the ‘shiny new things’ that literally promise so much! All the internet based ‘new ideas’, ‘new approaches’. There too much – “you can’t talk to people and expect to sell!” Too much: “Cold calling – are you crazy? This is 2017!” Too much click and measure – but do those ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ really turn into new sales? AND these things that promise so much and may (or may not) deliver – do they build a loyalty to your brand, your business?

Some will. Some won’t. Offers are offers – here today – gone tomorrow. Your Some will. Some won’t. Offers are offers – here today – gone tomorrow. Your cashflow is based on sales but simplistically, if it’s purely based on offers then you’re going to be very busy, coming up with new offers…. and stuck with that approach to market.

Then again, that’s not an entirely bad thing and especially if it is NOT your 100% marketing and advertising approach. We should be building BRAND simultaneously as a foundation for repeat business.

What is “Branding”, then? It’s more than your logo. It’s more than your price. It is every message, intention and tone you expose to the market. In its purest form, it is a sexy online video like the one from Breitling above, or old school TVC for Tip Top Trumpet. It could be a simple message in the community paper letting your local businesses know you care about them.

Most importantly – it is the building on the positive emotional connections that the market develops to your business. Building a foundation for future sales.