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Kritara Strunk – Love YOUR Life + Love YOUR Space

Kritara Strunk - Love YOUR Life + Love YOUR Space

Mobile: 021 0812 4854

Company: Love YOUR Life + Love YOUR Space Limited
Postal: 630 Avonside Drive, Avonside, Christchurch

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I am a native of Cologne, Germany and I developed an early interest in spirituality, people, and their soul’s journey in life towards their first best destiny. I studied architecture internationally and obtained a Master’s Degree; later working in Scotland as an architect on varied residential, commercial, and sustainable living projects.

My spiritual nature led me to study intensively for over 14 years the practices of Energetic Feng Shui, as well as Group Dynamic Therapy, Essene Healing Techniques, and Life Coaching from renowned masters in the field from around the world as well as allopathic training as a nurse. I am also formally trained as a Spiritual Teacher and I am an accomplished presenter, and trainer of the seminar The Path into Light®.

Following my heart, I moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 2013 to cultivate, blend, and refine my unique skills in the design and energy of spaces, how we interact with them, and to extend and offer my vast knowledge and training to people who are seeking to align their spaces, their destiny, and their energy with purpose and light.

Love YOUR Life + Love YOUR Space

My field of expertise is the combination of group dynamics and architecture, and how they both influence each other. Small issues or big problems that arise in groups – either at home or at work – are influenced by energetic patterns and habitual behaviours.

Generally, we’ve learned and honed them over the years, and some may go back even further than that. These patterns tend to be helpful to master our every day life. However, some can turn out to be more of a hindrance than a help, especially when the energetic heritage of a building or our thinking patterns throw obstacles in our ways.

Some may say that every obstacle can be seen as a hint for us to challenge the path we are walking on. Corrections can be made along the way, adding to our life experience. These experiences – especially the negative ones – tend to leave imprints and traces over the years in our surrounding, especially in buildings. They also seem to create emotional trigger points and unwanted reactions. Over the years I found that working with both areas frees up emotional baggage in buildings and people. This gives the opportunity to enjoy life on a deeper, and more meaningful level.

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