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Chryssie Woodham – Unique Style

Chryssie Woodham - Unique Style

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Founder and Director of Unique Style Ltd

Professional speaker, Image Stylist, Trainer and Author

With more than 28 years experience as a wardrobe and image stylist, Chryssie has a passion for people and a flair for helping people unleash their own creativity and sense of self.

A professional image stylist, Chryssie is a trained colour and wardrobe consultant,author and keynote speaker who, as a qualified and experienced adult educator, loves inspiring and motivating others to succeed. She has been involved in training and facilitation in the business arena for many years and also has extensive experience in ‘training the trainer’, particularly in the area of marketing yourself and colour and style expertise.

Drawing on her extensive experience with many different people, Chryssie had come to the realization that clothing is about more than just a ‘look’ or a fashion. She knows that by exploring and experimenting with colours and by defining their own sense of style, people can really get in touch with themselves, and express who they truly are. This colour experience now extends to how colour effects you on many levels – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Consultations are available regarding your soul colours and how colour can be utilized on a daily basis to liberate you and expand your awareness. Check out Colour Me-Conscious consultation.

Throughout her professional journey, Chryssie has felt a sense of ‘searching for something’ and has set about seeking change for the better in a practical sense, thereby developing a simple and effective 4 principle shopping system that works every time. She shares her knowledge and lessons learned with others and works one-on-one with people, as well as running seminars and workshops and presenting as a keynote speaker at business seminars and conferences throughout New Zealand.

Unique Style

We are your transformation experts – personal fashion makeover stylists in colour, wardrobe planning, personal style, and business image consulting.

Dressing to your personality is your way of expressing who you are and developing a style that is unique to you is both liberating and empowering.

The joy is having the confidence to be YOU!

Having an insight into what sort of shapes, styles, textures and colour combinations are perfect for you, and when shopping being able to identify your ‘look’ is so liberating. Having the joy of showing who you are gives you the freedom to be you!

This new found freedom will have far reaching results as you will be inspired to make positive changes in other areas of your life. Invest in yourself! Be fabulous!

Colour Consultation

Colour surrounds us; it feeds and nourishes our senses. We see it, feel it, and absorb it. Our minds, bodies and spirits are profoundly affected by it.

Men’s Consultations

This is 3 hour consultation that will change the way you view yourself! This consultation can be for your business or casual lifestyle, or both.

My Personal Style

Personal Style Consultation – discovering your unique style. This 2 or 4 hour consultation will change your life!

Shopping Experience

This is about showing you how to shop and not so much about the buying …………….. you can opt to do both if you desire!

Style Workshops

Style workshop– showing you how to use your assets! You will learn the 4 principles of dressing to create a unique style for yourself.

Business Presentations:

Chryssie Russell, Director of Unique Style presents to conferences, business and charity events.

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