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David Colloty – Martz Group

David Colloty - Martz Group

Freephone: 0800 389 0777
Phone: +643 389 0777
Mobile: 027 450 8429
Email: dcolloty@martz.co.nz
Website: www.martz.co.nz

Company: Martz Group Limited
Postal: PO Box 13-010, Armagh, Christchurch 8141, New Zealand

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David is a accountant

Martz Group

Accounting Services with a difference

All accountants are the same, right? Wrong!

There are three types of accountants

  1. Those that can add up

  2. Those that can’t

Okay, so that was a cheap joke, but the fact is we’re not all alike. By utilising a Martz Group accountant you will get someone who has actually owned and run a real live business so has worn your shoes so to speak. Someone who can tell it like it is – and more importantly tell you what you need to hear – before you need to hear it.

We offer all the usual services and then some

  • Compliance Accounting Services

  • Business Development Services

  • Coaching and Mentoring Services

  • There through thick and thin services

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