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Welcome to Elite6 Business Networking

Danny de HekWe are a progressive and forward thinking business networking organisation that brings local businesses together each week for an hour of interactive networking.

At each meeting one member delivers a 15-minute presentation to the group. Then, each person speaks for five minutes about their business while sitting at a table of up to six. Tables are mixed each week, so you get to meet different people. This is a major point of difference with Elite6 compared to other networking groups. Members are encouraged to meet outside their Elite6 meetings at workplaces, socially or other networking events. This helps build better professional relationships, friendships and synergies with other like minded people.

We also promote each business online with the Elite6 Members Directory each member has the ability to post Blogs, Events and share their knowledge in the public community Forums. Again this is distinctive to Elite6. Each week we have groups meeting in Ferrymead, Sydenham, Upper Riccarton, Rangiora, Papanui, Belfast and New Brighton.

Elite6 ‘Central‘ is our newest group, and all current members are entitled to attend this group in addition to their own.

If you are interested in attending one of our Elite6 meetings, you are welcome to just rock on up to any of our Weekly Meetings throughout New Zealand. To get a One Month FREE Trial you can register now or on the day at signup.elite6.co.nz

Take it to a new level – Facilitation: Run and build your own Elite6 group. This is a fun and rewarding opportunity to develop a business community that can be run in conjunction with your primary business.

New Members

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